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Communicating for change

Communications campaigns (e.g. behaviour change, risk communications) form an important part of any suite of initiatives to address change. However, communication activities need to be tailored for particular functions within wider integrated change initiatives in areas such as health, disaster management and sustainability. These campaigns are increasingly seen as both a one-way transfer of hazard and risk related information and their management, and as a two-way exchange of related information, knowledge, attitudes and/or values. Moreover, as we start to deal with more complex issues that communication efforts also need to emphasise that they are two-way - building on principles of dialogue. The papers here provides some lessons from experience, and begin to point to frameworks that can help in the development of more effective campaigns.

Other closely related sections in the site include social marketing and dialogue. As communications begin to be more two-way exchanges other tools such as the diagramming and other systems thinking tools also become of relevance.